Products & Services

PT. EMJI as an affiliate of EMJI Capital Investment Ltd. has human resources capability to deal with activities of service features as follows:

  • Facilitation and Consultation Services, Discounting SKBDN, Discounting Letter of Credit (LC), Discounting SBLC, Discounting MT103, Swift GPI, Handling Credit Line.
  • Assist and support Facilitation to handling bank istruments and transfer required by the clients.
  • Facilitating Business Consulting Services and Management Consulting Services, including but not limited to; business concept, business model, business design, due diligence is an investigation of a business prior to signing a contract; Joint Venture, take over, Investing in Indonesia, Public-Private Partnership, transportation business, power plants, infrastructure, trading business, Domestic & Foreign Trade, Supplier Development Relationship, Strategic Marketing Partners, Strategic Financial Partners.
  • Facilitating in the implementation of international transfers (Cash Management Transfer), which including inspection activities, due diligence, giving advice regulating transaction flow, selecting and recommending bona fide financial institutions, providing references, assisting in preparing document for underlying transaction, associated with needs of a document required by financial institutions or according to the law.
  • Facilitating loan application to bank financial institutions and non-bank financial institutions domestically and internationally, including but not limited to; syndicated loan, commercial loan, and soft loan, this facilitation will apply the provisions of the eligibility check of the applicant about good character, capacity, capital, conditions of economy, and collateral.
  • Facilitating International trade (management Payment), including but not limited to; export and import services, handling international trade payment methods, including method of payment of Letter of Credit which is also called Documentary Credit and non-Letter of Credit, including Advance Payment, Collection, Open Account, and Consignment, handling bill discounted with Negotiation, handling the issuance of Letter of Credit based on collateral master letter of Credit (back to back LC), handling and manage transferable letter of credit (transferable LC) to second beneficiary, and managing billing or disbursement of Letter of Credit.
  • Facilitating domestic trade (management payment), including but not limited to; handling the payment method of domestic trade in the form of Domestic Letter of Credit (SKBDN), handling bill discounted with Negotiation, handling the issuance of SKBDN based on collateral master Domestic letter of Credit (back to back SKBDN), handling and manage transferable Domestic letter of credit (SKBDN) to second beneficiary, and managing billing or disbursement of SKBDN.
  • Facilitating issuance letter of guarantee from bank financial institutions (called as bank guarantee) or from non-bank financial institutions (called as surety bond), including but not limited to issuance facilitation of;
    • SURETY BOND (3-party agreement between the insurance (surety) and contractors (Principal) to ensure the interests of the owners of the project (Obligee), wherein the Principal fails to perform its responsibilities under the agreement with the Obligee to settle the responsibilities of the Principal).
    • BANK GUARANTEE (is the guarantee of payments made by the Bank to the recipient (obligee as beneficiary) in case the Principal (contractors or supplier) fail to fulfill responsibilities or breach of contract.
    • Features of guarantees, including but not limited to:
      • Bid Bond
      • Performance Bond
      • Advance Payment Bond
      • Maintenance/Retention Bond
      • Contra Bank Guarantee
      • Custom Bond
  • Facilitating in providing cash and or non-cash working capital for the execution of the contract with the agreement of profit sharing. *intended for companies having good track records and a working relationship with PT. EMJI for at least 2 (two) years.